Who are City & Guilds and what do they do?

Expertise in creating qualifications in the land-based sector

City & Guilds Land Based Services (formerly NPTC)is the UK's largest awarding body in the land-based sector - encompassing agriculture, horticulture, forestry, animal care, conservation, machinery and more.

Relevant qualifications at all levels

City & Guilds Land Based Services creates qualifications that reflect the industry's needs, working closely with Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for land based training and education.

Many give workers vital licences to practice in their industry.

Supporting niche businesses

As well as creating and assessing mainstream qualifications, City & Guilds Land Based Services creates awards tailored to particular companies. This helps workers in niche businesses to achieve the level of qualification they deserve.

Birchwood Tree Care holds -

City & Guilds NPTC level 2 Certificate of Competence in:

CS38 Climb trees and perform aerial rescue (J/101/2449) & (A/101/2450)

CS30.1 Maintain and Operate the Chainsaw - Maintenance of the Chainsaw (R/101/7900)

CS30.2 Maintain and Operate the Chainsaw - On site Preparation and Basic Crosscutting (Y/101/7901)

CS31 Fell and Process Small Trees 200mm - 380mm (D/101/7902)

CS39 Use of a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness (A/101/7907)

and separately

Through Health & Safety Training Solutions Limited

Risk Assessment - November 2008

Information courtesy of City & Guilds, to review their website click HERE

The Qualification Certificates are unique and can only be represented by the person whose name appears on them.   Craig Mahoney is the only person authorised to represent Birchwood Tree Care so please be extra vigilant who you allow entry into your home.

Craig Mahoney

Copies of Qualification Certificates & Letters:

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